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Bed & Breakfast

Logo Maison de Magescq

In this place full of history, Maison de Magescq revisits French hospitality in the heart of the Landes forest, at the gateway to the ocean.


Freshly renovated, this 18th century mansion steeped in history and heritage is preparing to write a new chapter by offering its guests an unforgettable experience.

A French art of living, combining tradition and modernity in an enchanting setting. Here, nature envelops you, benevolent, lulling you with the song of birds, the rustling of leaves, the murmur of the woods. The ocean is very close.


Located in the charming village of Magescq is a charming little town of 2,800 people located just 15 minutes from the ocean, known for its bell tower and its double-starred restaurant.

A bubble of serenity for a peaceful break where time stops its course.


The Sereine

Decorated in white and black tones, it symbolizes the purity of nature. In this minimalist and reassuring space, very well arranged, the decorative elements in burnt wood contrast with the purity of this living room warmed by a parquet floor

office Maison de Magescq

Stay with us

Maison De Magescq  offers two suites and two bedrooms occupying two floors of the residence.

wines & champagnes

Our selection of wines and champagnes

Maison de Magescq also has a wine list that offers you choice and quality. As true hedonists, but also with a love of sharing, tasting and conversation, we are keen to offer our guests a fine selection of wines.


A stay conducive to serenity and the awakening of the senses that awaits you in this completely renovated mansion.

room Maison de Magescq
artists Maison de Magescq

More than
a house

A refuge where beauty blends harmoniously with comfort, leaving an indelible mark on all those lucky enough to stay there. The existing heritage dialogues with the works of local artists and craftsmen. An ode to beauty and the discovery of creative brands and artists. Maison de Magescq also has a boutique and represents brands and artists directly available for sale on site.

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